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Home Performance Technologies offers energy improvements for a world of savings!
Saving Money

An HPT employee uses state of the art technology to pinpoint heat leaks in a customer's home.

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BPI Accredited Contractor, Energy Star Certified, Partner of Green Jobs NY
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Home Performance Technologies is a professional
building contractor working with federal, state and local energy efficiency initiative programs to retrofit homes and commercial buildings. HPT brings you all available program money and incentives to underwrite your "green" building renovation.  

It all Starts with the Energy Audit
HPT provides a comprehensive energy use analysis of
your home or business. Testing includes state of the art technology to determine energy waste using software designed to show the property owner what they can do to improve the comfort of their home or office, improve air quality and save thousands yearly on utility costs!  

The Renovation
Weatherization has the best cost to benefit ratio of ANY building improvement. Insulation solutions and sealing ductwork can save big money and improve the comfort
and indoor air quality. Drafts and cold spots are eliminated as you watch that utility meter slow way down.

The End Result
Comfort, improved air quality, added property value and big energy savings!  

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HPT Commercial
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Affiliated with
Long Island Green Homes
Long Island Green Homes is a program created by the Town of Babylon, which helps homeowners lower their utility bills by
making their homes more energy efficient.

Long Island Green Homes foots the entire upfront cost of the improvements. You pay for the improvements using the money you save on your energy bills.

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